Reconditioning - the economical alternative

The reconditioning of a ball or roller slewing ring bearing is a worthwhile and
time-saving alternative to new production: Reconditioning often costs not even 50% of the price of the component and is usually implemented within a few weeks of work.

Applications can be found in the field of material handling, cranes, steel mill equipment or mechanical engineering. With an reconditioning of your slewing bearings you significantly increase their service life. Your pivot connection is again ready for the next years of operation.


Condition for a successful reconditioning of course, is the fundamental condition of the slewing bearing and the type of application. Therefore we make a feasibility study in advance. Your slewing bearings is investigated to the following aspects:

- Dimensions
- Size accuracy
- Wear
- Cracks or other damage
- Physical properties of the material

If required, we offer an analysis of the slewing bearing on site and advise you in removal and installation of your slewing bearing.If an reconditioning is sensefull we take the following steps:

- Repair or reconditioning of the teeth
- Processing of the tracks
- Machining or replacement of the rolling elements
- Replacement of spacers and sealing system
- Initial greasing of the reconditioned slewing bearing

We have got your interest? We will advise you personally and show the possibilities of reconditioning your slewing bearings. You can contact us via or through our contact form.

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