Surface layer hardening

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We also cure gears and geome­tries in the range between 500 mm and 8,000 mm — segmented even larger


Induction hardening or induction hardening is a special form of heat treatment in which metallic workpieces can be exposed within a very short time to a changing magnetic field, thereby heated and hardened by subse­quent quenching.


In this very precise, non-contact hardening process, it is possible to harden only certain areas of a workpiece or the surface, without affecting the properties of the workpiece as a whole.


This form of surface hardening, depending on the material, the workpieces given a corre­sponding surface hardness at the desired locations at a relatively low delay.


Deutsche Großwäl­zlager GmbH is a specialist company certified to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008. On our modern CNC-controlled induction hardening plant, we process large parts up to a diameter of 8 meters in the circu­lation feed process, as well as medium and small series in the feed process (rotating) for mechanical engineering.


Our own inductor manufac­turing department allows us a high respon­siveness even with special geome­tries of the workpieces, so that even compli­cated parts can be processed at short notice.


We cure with the latest technology. A consistent quality assurance with appro­priate documen­tation by our quality management department is a matter of course.


Induction hardening also as core process in our slewing bearing production is secured and tested with different methods:

- Process simulation

- Testing and approval with separate test material

- Measurement with ultra­sonic devices of the market leader Q‑Net

- Destructive testing, if necessary

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