Gear rims

Gear rims

Gear rims are large, inter­nally or exter­nally toothed gear ring with relatively small wall thickness.


It usually encloses large cylin­drical compo­nents and is often designed for reasons of its mount­ability divided (two parts, four parts with fittings). Large sprockets are used for rotary movement of cranes and excavators and are often manufac­tured here together with the rotary bearing (ball bearings) in one component.


Gear rims without ball bearings can be found on large mills and rotary kilns in the cement and mineral industries.


Due to its sometimes enormous dimen­sions (diameter sometimes over 10 meters), the gears of sprockets often do not run in an enclosing housing, but use a grease lubri­cation and special “cleaning equipment” that clean in circu­lation before meshing with the mating gear, the pinion, the tooth gaps and lubricate with grease. Often, the suspension construction also provides for resilience to allow the sprocket to evade a conta­m­inant particle.


Deutsche Großwäl­zlager GmbH is a specialist company certified to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008. On our modern CNC-controlled induction hardening plant, we process large parts up to a diameter of 8 meters in the circu­lation feed process, as well as medium and small series in the feed process (rotating) for mechanical engineering.


Our own Induk­torbau allows us a high respon­siveness even with special geome­tries of the workpieces, so that even compli­cated parts can be processed at short notice.

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