In order to prevent damage and technical problems before they lead to unplanned plant downtimes wear measure­ments for early detection are made.

This avoids unnec­essary repair costs and downtime. The assessment of the condition can therefore make regular wear measure­ments possible. The wear of the barrel is noticeable by changing the movements or lowering.

This increase in wear can be deter­mined by various measure­ments depending on the application.

Furthermore, the following measure­ments can be carried out:

- Measurement of tilting play

- Lowering measurement

- Wear measure­ments in general

We have aroused your interest? We are happy to advise you personally and show you the inspection options on your slewing bearings.


We have got your interest? We will advise you personally and show the possi­bil­ities of inspec­tions. You can contact us via or through our contact form.

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